Gender equality is the state in which access to rights or opportunities is unaffected by gender.

– Oxford Dictionaries

About us

Knox PLEDGE (People Linking to Embrace and Develop Gender Equality) is promoting the #HandsUp campaign for gender equality. Together with Knox services and community members we work towards inspiring people to embrace gender equality.

Through gender equality we aim to achieve:

  • No violence against women
  • Equal learning opportunities
  • Acceptance of all genders, cultures and abilities
  • No more victim blaming
  • Equal and respectful relationships
  • Equal pay for women
  • More women in leadership
  • Gender equity in schools
  • Flexible workplaces for parents
  • Equal carers roles
  • Shared responsibility in the home
  • No gender stereotyping


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Pledge (People Linking to Embrace and Develop Gender Equality) is a project led by The Basin Community House

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